About me

Hey I’m Fuad and am the founder of RealNtrepreneur. Since a young age I’ve always had a passion for entrepreneurship and loves to hear the journeys of how founders started and scaled their startups.

I’m born and raised in Sweden, have worked for several years within the finance sector and later transitioned to Digital Marketing. During the same time I’ve had side hustles for several years.

About RealNtrepreneur

Have you ever wondered how successful entrepreneurs made it? How they started their company and which tools they used to scale it. RealNtrepreneur is the newsletter that will answer all those questions. 

This isn’t a newsletter about the Instagram gurus that are posing with rented sports cars, to sell courses to their audiences on how to get rich. And it’s not also about the Elon Musk’s of this world. 

RealNtrepreneur is rather about the average joe that had a normal job, started a company and made 5k, 10k or +100k per month. The everyday entrepreneur you won’t hear about on the larger business news.